Better not close the driver of this bus [video]

Alexei Volkov is probably the last guy you should "close" in traffic. This is because there will certainly be consequences. Self-titled “The Punisher”, Volkov “presents” every car that crosses in front of him in Zelenograd (Russia) with a beautiful “stamp” on the back. In total, he admits that he has deliberately caused “more than 100 accidents”.

Whether it's a snowy day or a rainy night, the “zero tolerance” scheme always goes on - without any apology, of course. All occurrences are still filmed by Volkov's in-camera camera (see above) and eventually will end up on YouTube.

Is it an effort to improve traffic? "The situation is gradually improving, thanks to my educational work, " said the driver in an interview with Red Hot Russia. Volkov also points out that his passengers have nothing to complain about, as no one has ever been injured during his "didactic" approaches.

“The insurance to turn around”

Given Volkov's "fair" approach, the most natural question seems to be, "Well, what about the roadblock responsible for the collective?" In an interview with the site, the driver stated that if it is not his fault, the management does not care.

"The bus usually only takes minor damage, " he said. "If it's something more serious, they just wait for the insurance payment and then wait for the repairs." If that becomes fashionable, huh?