Is it possible to recreate gravity in space?

(Image source: Playback / NASA)

Staying in a non-gravity environment for a long time can be extremely harmful to the body. Our muscles atrophy, our bones become more fragile and our body fluids and blood pressure go completely crazy. After all, our body was designed to be here on Earth, anchored by the force of gravity.

There are many studies and theories in this sense, but is it possible to recreate gravity in space to circumvent all these effects on our bodies?

Ultra fast rocket

According to Jesse Allen, a NASA astrophysicist, this would be possible if we built a spacecraft that traveled at 9.81 meters per second. This would make people inside the ship experience a gravity-like sensation, but the problem would be to have enough fuel to travel at this speed.

Rotating spaceship

Allen also suggests building a revolving spacecraft. Imagine that you are spinning with a bucket full of water in your hands. Depending on how fast you turn, no matter what position the bucket is in: the water will always be in the bottom. But imagine a ship operating on the same engine. It would have to be quite large and spin at a constant speed, not to mention that travelers would probably stick to the outer walls of the vehicle.

Stuffed Rocket

Gravity is a force directly associated with mass. The Wise Geek website suggests the possibility of stuffing a rocket with enough mass to create its own gravitational field. But imagine how big such a ship would have to be!

(Image source: Playback / NASA)

Portable black hole

According to the folks at io9, one option would also be to travel with a black hole in luggage. They are regions of space where matter has become so dense that it collapses within itself, drawing everything to its center, including light. Our galaxy, for example, revolves around a black hole, and it is this immense force of attraction that holds all planets and other celestial bodies at anchor.

So if it were possible to drag a mini black hole near the rocket, it would exert enough force that would give travelers inside the ship the same sense of gravity we experienced here on Earth.

And you reader, do you have any suggestions on how we could recreate gravity in space?