Disneyland's 1st customer uses his lifetime ticket to date

In an old Disney movie ( Pinocchio ) there was a song that said "if your heart is in your dream, no request is absurd when you wish a star like dreamers do." These stanzas, which won the Best Song Oscar in 1940 and became the Walt Disney Company's own anthem, have been the motto of many people since the 1960s. And they seem to continue to this day.

The World of Yesterday, Tomorrow and Fantasy

When the famous Disneyland Park, Disneyland, opened to the public on July 18, 1955, the first person in a line of 6, 000 young people waiting to enter Fantasy World was a 22-year-old Scottish college student named Dave. MacPherson. Concerned that his ticket was number 2, he ended up being the first visitor. It was later discovered that ticket number 1 had been purchased by Walt's brother Roy Oliver Disney.

However, Dave's feat was no accident. Watching the park's official opening the day before on TV, she was enchanted by all those celebrities enjoying all the scenery of Fantasyland. Then an idea popped into his head: why not be the first of the “mortals” to visit the park?


Dave MacPherson buys first ticket to Disneyland (Source: The Associated Press)

Like every good dreamer, he got out of his seat, took his motorcycle, and drove 10 miles between his home in Long Beach and Anaheim, Greater Los Angeles. He ran to the box office, where he arrived at two o'clock in the morning.

Dreams (still) come true

When the park window opened, Dave received an unexpected gift: a lifetime ticket to visit Disneyland for the rest of his life. Dave MacPherson has decided to take the invitation to the letter and since then has been visiting the park every year, ie the last 64 years!

He is currently accompanied by his wife Wanda and a couple of friends, Martha and Joe Ortiz. Joe was also one of those people who was in the long line on opening day, but not the first to visit the park.