1 million cockroaches invaded Chinese province after escaping from breeding

If you happen to be in China, run into the hills or find a way away from Jiangsu Province. Unless, of course, you don't have big problems with cockroaches. There, a farmer made a small slip and let about 1 million of these hated pets escape.

One of your questions in the face of information like this might be "But what did a farmer do with 1 million cockroaches?" This is a very favorable question, after all, it is not common to see cockroach breeders here in Brazil, but we must remember that Oriental Medicine has some oddities and, in that sense, cockroach creation is part of them. According to the farmer, some labs pay $ 74 for a pound of cockroach.

It seems that cockroaches first invaded the cornfields and are now taking over other areas of the province. The breeder regrets the damage as he spent $ 16, 000 just to buy cockroach eggs - not to mention all the fruit and cookies he used to feed them daily.

To date, the infestation has not been controlled. And you, what would you do if it happened close to where you live? Would you panic or buy some extra pairs of slippers?