10 Random Trivia to Boost Your Conversations

1. About 3, 500 years ago in Egypt, the ideal of female beauty was the bald heads. Women plucked from thread to thread, but sometimes wore wigs made of wool or plants.


2. Because of cosmic dust and even tiny objects, the Earth grows by 0.4 to 110 tons per day - on average 60 tons more daily.


3. The first alarm clock was invented by Levi Hutchins in 1787, but it only woke up at 4 am - this was the time he himself wanted to wake up to work.

alarm clock

4. The words “camel” and “beauty” originated from the same Arabic radical: “jamal”.


5. Briton Mark Beaumont was the fastest to go around the world on a bicycle: only 79 days. He rode an average of 386 kilometers a day and slept only 5 hours a night.


6. Russian vodka has a “date of birth”: January 31, 1865. As much as it existed before, it was on this day that the chemist Dmitri Mendeleiev, creator of the periodic table, defended his doctoral thesis involving water and alcohol. .


7. Horses, cows, giraffes, camels and zebras can doze off standing. But for them to dream, they must be lying down.


8. The red panda is not a bear but a raccoon. The same was thought of the giant panda, but it was proved that he was a bear.


9. The New Zealand Parrot is a carrion-eating bird, but may even attack live sheep to tear off pieces of its fat.


10. In 2015, a salty cracker that “survived” the sinking of the Titanic sold for nearly $ 23, 000!



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