10 Disgusting Curiosities About Cockroaches

That they are inconvenient and disgusting, everyone knows, but there is more curiosity about the world of these urban pests. Check out 10 facts about cockroaches you probably didn't know:

1 - According to experts, cockroaches are as old as dinosaurs. Records say the oldest cockroach fossil is 200 million years old.

2 - A single cockroach can generate over 800 new cockroaches.

3 - This small insect can transmit about 32 diseases via bacteria, 17 by fungi and 2 by viruses. Among the most common diseases are cholera, plague, typhoid fever, herpes, polio and conjunctivitis.

4 - The cockroach antenna is its major differential: it is for this reason that the cockroach can taste, smell and touch.

5 - The regenerative power of the cockroach's body is amazing: it can survive for several days without its head, and if it loses one leg it can regenerate within a few days.

6 - Cockroaches can run so much, so much that, if they were the size of a human being, they would be able to reach the speed of 320 km / h in a few moments.

7 - The only places with zero probability of finding cockroaches are in the North and South Poles, due to excessive cold. Cockroaches really like it is hot!

8 - Cockroaches live on average between 5 and 6 months.

9 - Few animals can survive without water as the cockroach, which lives for months without drinking a drop of water.

10 - Cockroaches do not sleep during the day, they just retreat. Tip: If you often find cockroaches walking around the house during the day, it is a sign that the place is infested with them.

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