10 movie-worthy romantic destinations

As corny as it may sound, everyone has dreamed of having a movie-like story. Since novels began to appear on movie screens, many young ladies have spent hours and hours in dreams of how great it would be to have a boyfriend just like the boy in the movie they just watched.

The story would have a right time, right boy and of course, a right place. It is for these and other reasons that romantic destinations and films shot in incredible places provoke an even greater desire to travel to know every corner of the scene where that romantic comedy was recorded.

Some movies have become a reference when it comes to Paris, Tuscany, New York and so many other places. It seems that you are automatically transported to squares, streets and buildings. Some stores or patisseries have become world famous thanks to specific scenes, such as Magnolia Bakery in Sex and the City.

Just thinking you can make a list of various movies and places that would yield incredible trips with your boyfriend or husband, right? If it is difficult to decide which destination is best, pay attention to the list that TodaEla has prepared for you to spend “cinematic” moments.

Paris - Midnight in Paris

Paris is always a classic destination for couples in love looking for an unforgettable honeymoon. The city itself already has all that romantic climate and landscapes that can be the exact mix between 'urban' and 'tranquil'. The light city cafes, parks and boulevards are perfect for having a good time.

Woody Allen's latest film sets the French capital as the setting for a couple facing the illusion that a different life from theirs would be better. However, the family trip to France makes them better discover each other.

Bali - Eat Pray Love

Based on Elizabeth Gilbert's book, the film tells the story of the author who decided to take time to discover the delights of life in three trips. Italy, Bali and India were the destinations for Elizabeth to get to know each and every part of her life better. However, the place that drew the most attention for the beauty of the landscapes was Bali.

The temples and the totally different culture we are used to brought a different climate to the production. It is in Bali that the character played by Julia Roberts meets her love, Brazilian Felipe, played by Javier Bardem.

New York - Sex and the City

Six seasons and two movies are a good start for those who want to know more about the Big Apple. The city of the love and frustration of the four best-known friends of television has its corners and restaurants very well inserted in the plot and certainly helps a lot those who want to find their own Mr. Big walking the Upper East Side.

Some places have become iconic, such as the Magnolia Bakery. Since the series broke out, the venue has received legions of fans drawn to the famous cupcake with the original buttercream that Carrie Bradshaw has talked about. The first movie also created a different way of viewing the public library.

Dordogne - Forever Cinderella

The Dordogne region of France is one of the most beautiful places ever shown in a movie. “Forever Cinderella” scenario, the venue featured the story of Drew Barrymore's bubbling cat and the evil stepmother played by Anjelica Houston. The castles and fields give the impression that your prince could arrive riding a white horse at any time.

The Dordogne département is six hours from Paris, near Bordeaux. This can be a great chance to see the south of France. This region is known for being one of the most romantic and beautiful in all of Europe.

Thailand - The Beach

The movie “The Beach” is not a novel, but the beaches and mountains of Thailand shown in the feature film are amazing. The water has an impressive shade of blue and the mountains are so green that it is very easy to get lost in so many vivid colors.

Once there, alternative modes of transportation such as boats and ferries made by the local population are worthwhile. If you have an adventurous spirit waiting to be awakened, you can visit some islands and enjoy the scenery of the place even more.

London - Bridget Jones's diary

Who has never despaired to the sound of "All by myself" along with Bridget Jones throwing the first stone. Bridget and Darcy's story is one of the greatest classics in the genre and has thousands of fans around the world. The scenario of the plot is London in a different way than the tour guide would show.

The market, the streets, the courthouse and all the trips around the UK make you want to call the travel agency and buy the first package for the queen's land. If you love a city-never-sleep climate, London can be a great choice for a honeymoon or a good trip for two.

Ireland - PS: I love you

Sadly though, "PS: I Love You" is one of the most exciting movies in the history of romantic comedies. Recorded partly in Ireland, partly in the United States, the production starring Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler tells the story of a young widow who discovers 10 messages her husband left to read after he was no longer with her.

Hilary Swank's character Holly then embarks on trips made by Gerry (Gerard Butler). One is a return to their meeting place, Wicklow National Park, Ireland. The place is one of the most beautiful shown in the movie and has amazing landscapes. It's a good walk to get to know the trails and roads of the Wicklow region.

Bahia - Taste of Passion

Although not a well-known movie, “Sabor da Paixão” is an American production recorded in Brazil, more precisely in Bahia. The movie stars Penelope Cruz and Murilo Benício. During the movie, the couple lives fighting and making up due to the fiery genius of Isabella Oliveira (Penelope Cruz).

She is a talented chef who is invited to relocate to San Francisco to head a cooking show on local television. Isabella's obstinacy causes Toninho (Murilo Benício) to "jump over the fence". Disappointed, she decides to go to the United States to stay away from him and leaves the beautiful beaches of Bahia to present the cooking program.

Tuscany - Under the Tuscan Sun

The Tuscan region can be considered an “Italian version” of Dordogne in France. The fields and old villas shown in the classic “Under the Tuscan sun” convey the idea that everything can be perfect. In the movie, Frances moves from San Francisco and buys an old house in Italy.

Divorced, Frances seeks new love in her new city and has not always been successful in this matter. Still, she can make her dreams come true in a very unexpected way, and so that everything will always be all right, there will always be the Tuscan sun.

Greece - Speaking Greek

The white houses, the always blue sea and the impressive sunshine make Greece an incredible setting for a romantic getaway. That's more or less the idea of ​​Georgia, Nia Vardalos's character in "Speaking Greek." Frustrated with life in the United States, she decides to become a guide for a tour company in Greece.

On one of the tours with a group of Georgia Americans, he finds that the driver, Puppi (Alexis Georgoulis) is much more than a bearded loneliness. By then the trips shown by her were a little bland and once you start listening to Irv, one of the tourists, everything starts to change.
After so many suggestions, are you ready to choose the trip of your dreams?