10 examples of how to hide the tattoo you regret doing

1. Do you know that Elementary School tattoo you regret getting?

2. Taca dark paint on it!

3. This trend, which has already become fashionable in Singapore, is a good alternative to laser removals.

4. The crooked drawing or that word supposedly written in Japanese need no longer embarrass you

5. Now you can donate your long-sleeved shirts and show off your stylish arm to the whole province.

6. Tattoo artist Chester Lee, knowing the demand for this kind of service, has mastered the art of hiding what once seemed impossible to hide.

7. He signs the death of your embarrassing tattoo and makes you squander attitude and high self esteem

8. Make up with the mirror

9. And take advantage of the free spaces to create cool shapes that fit your style.

10. Your skin is there for it: for you to express your real identity through it

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