10 Overpriced Experiences You Probably Can't Afford

Ah the money! It seems that we are always after him to fulfill our smallest and greatest dreams, such as buying that special product, a property that will bring security or make that trip that will mark our lives. In any case, for almost everything you do you have to have money - that is a fact.

It is true that almost all of us are not millionaires, nor do we need exorbitant amounts of money to live well, but it is also true that money is capable of providing some unique, sometimes even exaggerated, experiences. And speaking of exaggeration, that's what we're going to comment on here today at Mega Curioso.

Oddee has amassed 10 very expensive experiences that you probably won't be able to afford over the course of your life - unless you really are a millionaire and willing to spend your entire fortune. In any case, even the overly rich may think twice before investing their resources in such experiences. See below what they are:

1 - Ibiza's exclusive restaurant that is designed to defy the senses

SubliMotion is certainly a unique restaurant in Ibiza, where you can experience an almost theatrical as well as gastronomic experience. The price? Approximately $ 5, 100 per person. The venue provides an extremely technological experience, as people are immersed in environments that have relationships with the dishes presented through images projected on the walls and tables of the restaurant.

The seemingly simple ambience of the place is capable of transforming and bringing people to the remotest regions, where many of the ingredients of the dishes have their origins. In addition, aromas, music, temperature and humidity variations are also features in SubliMotion.

2 - A world trip that travels 150 countries in two years

When VeryFirstTo launched a special two-year travel package that spans 150 countries, they didn't expect much public input - after all, the advertised figure was over $ 4 million per person. It turns out a Chinese student got interested in the package (and bought it promptly). As it was in 2013, the anonymous Chinese should not finish his tour until the end of 2015.

Of course, this unusual package includes the world's most luxurious hotels and resorts, as well as exclusive tours. Although only one Chinese bought the package (aside from the money, you need to have two full years free for the ride), the affiliate companies said about 15 people called to request information about it.

3 - The hotel that costs more than R $ 200 thousand per night

The Royal Penthouse Suite at the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva, Switzerland is famous for its largest and most luxurious suite in the world. It has twelve suites, twelve marble bathrooms, and a terrace with stunning views of the Swiss Alps, so large that it's more of a permanent than a temporary place of stay - although it's hard for anyone to stay there for many days. with daily rates of $ 200 thousand.

The suite has maximum security and a high degree of privacy - the windows are shielded and there is a special elevator that leaves guests in their respective rooms. If you wish, you can request the service of a butler and a chef.

4 - The wine bottle that is not just a wine bottle

If you are a connoisseur of the most varied wines (and of course you have exorbitant amounts of money to spend), you might be interested in the most expensive bottle of wine in the world at Dubai Airport. Once in the United Arab Emirates, visit the Le Clos store at Airport Terminal 3 to secure your bottle of Château Margaux for the price of $ 485, 000. If you really want the product, you better hurry, as the store only has three of the six bottles produced.

In addition to the twelve liters of wine that come with this special package, the buyer also gets a first-class ticket to France to visit Château Margaux, which includes a tour of the local wineries and wineries, and an exclusive dinner prepared by Paul Pontallier.

5 - The island of Fiji that is only available for private groups and events.

Want to have a special event on a private island of Fiji? Maybe a wedding, a business meeting or just a party. Whatever your event, you can rent an entire island in Fiji called Laucala. In total, the venue can accommodate 72 people comfortably. The price? R $ 380 thousand per day, and only bookings of at least five days are accepted. Of course all meals and drinks are included in this amount (the island has five restaurants run by renowned chefs).

6 - The American Express Centurion Card

Only a select group of people can use the American Express Centurion card, which has millionaire limits. You can only have a Centurion Card if you are invited by the bank - and you must meet some basic requirements, such as having $ 16 million in property, minimum rent of $ 1.3 million, and the ability to pay annual fees. $ 2, 500 and $ 7, 500 (by joining card services). Centurion cardholders are among the richest people in the world - to our knowledge, millionaire Victor Shvetsky has already made a $ 52 million debit purchase with him.

7 - The most VIP airplane travel in the world

Travel writer Derek Low has decided to invest and spend over $ 60, 000 on a Singapore Airlines flight to New York, all on Singapore Airlines, to see what it's like to travel truly VIP. He commented that from the moment of boarding was treated superior to "First Class", and on the plane he could enjoy a suite with the most varied privileges.

In his room, Low enjoyed a dinner with select ingredients, which included mutton and lobsters. During the flight, Low Givenchy pajamas, slippers, pillows and blankets were offered, while flight attendants quietly checked that the passenger was comfortable. After landing, Low commented, "I have to say that after being served with Dom Pérignon in a double room at 36, 000 feet, I don't think flying experiences can get any better than that."

8 - The 612 Diamond Temporary Tattoo

Depending on where you get a tattoo, its value can vary greatly, even if the design is identical. Often the weight of the tattoo artist's name is taken into consideration, while in other cases the materials themselves. In the case of Shimansky, a South African company, the goal is another: to use diamonds to make a temporary drawing on the body.

The price of it? More than $ 2 million to have diamonds carefully fixed on your body through a special adhesive. International model Minki van der Westhuizen was the first woman to use the service provided by Shimasky to promote this type of temporary tattoo .

9 - The most expensive apartment in Monaco in the world

When it is completed, the so-called Odeon Tower in Monaco will have the most expensive apartment on earth, which can be yours for R $ 800 million - we talked about it in more detail here at Mega Curioso.

Named "Sky Penthouse", it will span over 38, 000 square meters spread over five floors, with kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms in all of them. A water slide extends from the top to the edge of the infinity pool, which creates an impressive look. Apparently so far there is no Sky Penthouse buyer.

10 - The luxury cruise that travels 49 ports in 115 days

The Silversea World Cruise is like a leaner package of the world trip we mentioned in item 2. Lasting just over three months, people who embark on this cruise will know 49 ports around the world, including the regions. from French Polynesia, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Maldives, Madagascar, South Africa, the Caribbean, and more. The price per person? R $ 860 thousand.