10 genius ideas that deserved to be rewarded for their creativity

1. A hand on the wheels

The first item on our list was the one who carries wheeled bags and hates when they get stuck on the uneven cobblestones of the sidewalks. In Italy, in areas of greater circulation of travelers, have created a specific crossing that promises to make life easier for those facing this situation.

2. For the blind to see

Also from Italy - more precisely from the city of Naples - comes another initiative worthy of applause. It is a gazebo whose banister has a description of the landscape written in Braille.

3. The fruit does not fall far from the foot

In the office of a BMW car dealership, all mice are miniature versions of the German automaker's most famous models.

4. Tech Help

With a QR code reader, the customer can check out the fireworks of this brand before buying them.

5. From sneeze to sneeze

This screen cleaner shows on the side of the bottle how many spray sneezes the customer can still make with a certain amount of product.

6. Great Advertising

To publicize the release of "Luke Cage" on Netflix, ads in the series featured the protagonist - an extremely strong superhero - lifting without difficulty the New York City where the production is set.

7. Recycling is what there is

Instead of ending its days as scrap metal in a junkyard, part of what was once a car was turned into a stylish gate.

8. Attention at Intersections

In France, to get the attention of the hurrying drivers, a street artist named OakOak is customizing crosswalks at intersections where there is a greater circulation of people.

9. The Missing Detail

To prevent wallowing in soup, the spoon offered by this restaurant has a special edge that keeps it steady and in perfect balance on the plate.

10. Reuse

The last item on our list reveals a good example of the reuse of seemingly useless materials: they turned into an urinal an old metal barrel that was of no use at all.


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