10 people who will hardly believe in advertising again

Advertising is one of the greatest illusionists out there: in addition to making us believe that you need a producer, it also makes the product much more amazing than it really is. Check out some people who were masterfully trolled by ads:

1. It was a bucket of jelly beans, but in the ad it seemed to be bigger


2. And you thinking you were going to have Nutella for the rest of the year


3. At least this time the mask came scarier than the ad


4. The guy bought a backpack over the internet, but only his cat loved it


5. On the internet, the house looked a bit bigger


6. It's all a matter of angle: the pool is there, but it's less imposing than it looked


7. Frustration Defines This Purchase


8. A great rug for one-footers


9. First: who would want a lamp of this size? Second, who would believe in a lamp of this size?


10. Better get back in the box



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