10 types of people who are best excluded from your life

There is no denying that the people in your life end up influencing your perceptions and impressions of the world. Have you noticed that your high-spirited friend seems to have the power to let you up too? What about that guy who's always talking bad about his coworkers? Is he or is he not a boring card that seems to consume the energy of the places he arrives?

It's relatively easy to understand that people really influence our moods - in some cases, even, they really hurt us! Inc has published a list of people profiles we should avoid at all costs - check out below and be more aware of who you let into your life:

1 - The person who loves gossip

The gossip card is the kind of people who have fun with other people's problems. It doesn't matter if he just gossips about his disaffects, what matters here is knowing that person likes to judge, judge, and badmouth other people's lives - how sad for her, isn't it? The trick here is to stay away from these kinds of people, even because there is no guarantee she won't gossip about you either.

When someone does not stop talking about the life of others and has fun with other people's suffering, it is because that person must have a very empty and bland life.

2 - The temperamental person

We all have different emotions throughout the day, but some people can't deal with their feelings, and because of that, they attack other people without the slightest self-control. Being in the company of such people is always unpleasant, and no one likes to live in fear of those rages of fury that can happen at any moment.

3 - The victim

This type of person is more difficult to identify. At first, you empathize at hearing her problems - who has no problems? It turns out that over time you see that this person complains about everything. Every single day.

Moreover, she does not seem to see her own problems as a learning opportunity, nor does she listen to advice from those who strive to help her improve. If someone complains and does not seek to do anything to change the situation, guess what: they will continue to complain for a long time, and their ear is not potty.

4 - The self-absorbed person

It is one that distances itself from everyone, even when it is next to someone. You can identify such a person when you are next to her and still feel alone, which is because she simply does not create any true connection with other individuals. Not even with you.

5 - The envious

It's that creature that is always comparing itself to other people and, of course, wanting to have what others have. That story of “the neighbor's grass is always greener” fits perfectly into the envious philosophy of life. The truth is that there is ALWAYS someone better and someone worse than you in many ways. Wasting time envying others' achievements is too ambitious and competitive - it's always good to keep your distance.

6 - The manipulator

That citizen who has a way of always getting everything he wants, who fills someone with compliments before asking for a favor, who does emotional blackmail, who plays one person against another and who always always gets what he wants. Do you know that citizen? Stay away from him.

Manipulators suck other people's time and energy, fake friendship and trust, but deep down they are only concerned with their own well-being. They always approach someone for their own benefit and are seldom generous or truly giving.

7 - The dementors

When JK Rowling created the dementors, she thought of those people who, when they enter a room, steal the energy of the place, namely highly negative people. Those are the pessimists, who never say anything positive, who are frowning, who only think about the bad side of things, who keep talking negative sentences and who worry about everything.

8 - The Sadist

As bizarre as it sounds, some people are mean enough to be pleased when they know someone has gone wrong. Enjoying other people's pain and misery is certainly a cruel way of life, and you certainly don't need people like that around. By recognizing that someone has fun with the suffering of anyone, the best thing you can do is to get away from that person.

9 - The Judge

People always have the right to agree or disagree with something, and when they disagree, they should do so sensibly and politely. That creature who goes on dictating rules and judging someone else's life, as if he's always right, is usually unable to live with what is different from her, and, well, those kinds of people are the easiest to dispense with.

10 - The arrogant

Do not waste your time with arrogant people. For this type of person, everything you do is a personal challenge, and psychologically speaking, arrogance is nothing but false confidence. Anything false at one time or another is discovered, and behind the arrogant is always someone with low self-esteem and a lot of insecurity.