# 10YearChallenge: 10 Year Challenge Turns Gun in Environmental Struggle

Everyone saw (and participated in!) The “10 Years Challenge”, the joke that has made social networks go viral and basically consists of sharing a current photo alongside one of 10 years ago to show how much or how little we have changed over the last decade, right? Because many people, instead of having fun posting old portraits next to current ones, have been taking the opportunity to draw attention to problems affecting the planet.

That's right, dear reader, several environmental-focused organizations, as well as activists and activists, have come up with the idea of ​​hitchhiking to the success of the game and showing how the Earth has changed in the last 10 years. And, look, some of the shared comparisons, unlike the original challenge, which was meant to be fun and bring on smiles, are really depressing and even scary. Here's an example:

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Provocative idea

In fact, the challenge offers the ideal opportunity for researchers and environmental institutions to provide evidence that our world is changing - a lot! To give you an idea, some years ago scientists estimated that over 90% of the Great Barrier Reef had already been affected by coral bleaching, which is the death of the polyps involved in the construction of reefs, as a result of environmental problems such as global warming.

Still on the oceans, we also have the question of how much plastic will stop in the waters - you may have heard of the "island" of trash floating in an area 3 times larger than France in the Pacific, right? - and rising sea levels due to the melting of the poles. By the way, did you know that surveys have pointed out that Antarctica is losing 6 times more ice than 40 years ago, and that since 1958 the Arctic has lost 2 thirds the thickness of its ice cover? Scary, don't you agree? Anyway, here are the images that are being shared:

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This is the truth about the # 10YearChallenge. This is the Arctic 100 years ago vs Today. . . . # 10yearschallenge #worldismelting #climatechange #greenpeace #nature #beauty #iceberg #peopelvsoil #environment #photo #photography

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# 10yearchallenge - Il ghiacciaio Trift in Svizzera 2006 and 2017. / Trift Glacier, Switzerland in 2006 and 2017. Photo via @james_balog. . . # 10years # 10yearchallenge #climatechange #globalwarming #meltingice #icemelting #glacier #glaciers #climateaction

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We can't predict how we goona be in the past or in the future, we don't know if we may exist tomorrow. But the snap shows you are already predictable that plastic has been ruining our earth, climate, life .... # 10YearChallenge #plasticfree #ecology pic.twitter.com/F367xQHSlP

- shashank (@shashanktumiki) January 18, 2019

Fact: The total world forest loss is 7.3 million hectares per year.
Fact: Trees are important constituents of the ecosystem by absorbing carbon.
Fact: Time to take #ClimateAction against deforestation before it's too late. # 10yearchallenge pic.twitter.com/1jRlRszrhD

- Carbon Consulting Co (@carbonconsult) January 22, 2019

The real # 10yearchallenge? Climate change According to @IPCC_CH # SR15, we have just over 10 years to #ActOnClimate before we cause irreparable damage to our planet. Take our free course on #ClimateAction and become a part of the solution. Enroll now! https://t.co/puzQgIiUoQ pic.twitter.com/Ujz7kEAnoH

- The SDG Academy (@SDG_Academy) January 14, 2019

The # 10YearChallenge we all need to wake up to. #FightForYourWorld © NASA pic.twitter.com/BQQ9VFKJDf

- WWF UK (@wwf_uk) January 16, 2019

The Rondonia region of Brazil originally had over 200, 000 km2 of rainforest but has become one of the most deforested places in the Amazon. Side by side images shows C. 2006 to 2018. # 10YearChallenge pic.twitter.com/S0rGPDQ0ZJ

- DiCaprio Foundation (@dicapriofdn) January 17, 2019

Take a moment today to remember our biggest # 10YearChallenge!

We must act now, change our lifestyles and hold our leaders accountable. We may not get more than another 10 years to do so. #GlobalWarming #ClimateChange pic.twitter.com/MNnNgQ0EX9

- Rajat Rai Handa (@rajatraihanda) January 16, 2019