11 things you definitely don't learn at school

At school we learn to solve mathematical problems and to understand the periodic table. In the same way, we discover facts about literature, history, and geography. When it comes to practical tricks for a less-adult adult life, however, some teachings don't fit the classroom, like the ones you'll see below:

1 - How not to vomit after a drunkenness

No one deserves to have to take care of the little fellow who crosses the line and messes up the whole party. To avoid fatigue, it is best not to mix different drinks and to merge a glass of your favorite drink with a glass of water. Once you realize that you are drunk once and for all, drink only water. Your body thanks you, and your friends, too.

2 - How to cure a hangover like that

He drank too much, but at least he didn't puke in the whole bathroom of the club. Congratulations. Anyway, it is quite possible that you wake up with a hangover the next day, because if there is one thing that is bad for your body, it is too much alcohol. If you follow the advice of the previous item, it will alleviate a lot.

When you wake up, after a night of drinking, drink plenty of water, take a shower, and if you have a home remedy, take some of the indicated medicine - fortunately, there are many options today. The biggest secret is to keep your body hydrated and away from alcohol for a period.

3 - How to make the hiccup stop

When you begin to sob, someone always comes up with a surefire recipe to end the problem. The point is that it is no use drinking a liter of water at a time or taking a few minutes without breathing. Recent research indicates that the solution is to increase the levels of CO2 in our bloodstream. Like? Just breathe in a plastic bag for about 30 seconds.

4 - How to remove wine stains from white fabrics

Wine and white cloth are things that, for some reason, are attracted to each other. When you drop that full glass of wine on your dinner table cloth, before ripping and tearing your hair, try a more practical solution: pour some salt on the stain and, after an hour, remove the product and place the ask to wash.

5 - How to have the perfect handshake

The first impression is sometimes the same as it gets, and in cases like a job interview it's good to make beautiful in every detail. The ideal handshake is one that is firm but not too strong. Also, it's always good to keep eye contact when it's time to shake someone's hand.

6 - How to do well in a job interview

Once you have the right handshake, you start off on the right foot, but to secure the spot, here are some tips that, while seeming obvious, are not always taken seriously: study the history of the company you want to be part of ; smile, but without seeming forced; speak calmly and confidently; be appropriately dressed; And don't forget to take care of some hygiene items, such as brushing your teeth, whipping the antiperspirant, and brushing your hair.

7 - How to take care of your budget

The transition from adolescence to adulthood usually has the first job and the first salary. It's normal for you to think about getting a credit card and making all the purchases you always wanted but never bought because you still depended on your parents for a living. And then one of the great problems of adulthood begins: debt.

The tip is to avoid buying things by credit card, especially if you live alone. This kind of purchase gives the illusion that you have not spent anything and, in the end, you may end up with more bills than money in the month. People organized in this sense often write down what they spend, as well as save money to buy cash and at stores that give a discount for this type of payment. It's hard to get organized at first, but then you get used to it.

8 - How to save money

If saving is already difficult, saving may seem impossible. The tip is to start saving smaller amounts and increase over time. In this publication, we show how this can really work.

9 - How to manage your time well

This really should be taught in schools, after all it is quite common for people to accept doing more tasks than they can, especially when it comes to work.

Ideally, have an organized routine, always. To do this, see how long you spend doing certain tasks. This makes it easy to schedule your day with a perspective to handle all your tasks. This is good not only for you, but for those who work by your side and depend on your work.

10 - How to get along on a first date

Dating a person for the first time can be really intimidating, especially for those who are shy. The tip is to try to act as natural as possible without trying to impress or sound like someone you are not. Also, it's interesting that you show interest in what the other person is talking about and make eye contact.

11 - How to end a relationship

No one starts a relationship waiting for it to end, but life is full of surprises and some of them are unpleasant. If you no longer feel like being with someone, if love is over, if fights have escalated, and if you feel you would be happier if you were uncommitted, it is best to put an end to it.

Not only in this sense of relationship, but in all areas of life, it is ideal to be honest in putting your cards on the table, even if it means talking about sensitive matters. Finish in person, never by phone, message, email and the like. Don't think of your ex-future as a villain just because the relationship didn't work unless, of course, he took some really serious action. This will make the process easier.


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