11 times advertising has been cruelly misleading

1. The stuffed pie

Expectation: Serve a delicious stuffed pie for afternoon snack

Reality: You Realize You Have Purchased a Dietary Version of the Product

(Reproduction / Bored Panda)

2. The Christmas Pine Tree

Expectation: Decorate the room with a beautiful Christmas pine tree

Reality: He Looks Like a Dehydrated Fern

(Reproduction / Bored Panda)

3. Ham Pizza

Expectation: “I'm too lazy to cook, I'm going to bake a ham pizza”

Reality: You find that the pizza was actually thin herbs

(Reproduction / Bored Panda)

4. The Dinosaurs of the World Collection

Expectation: To show your child the species of the great reptiles that inhabited the earth.

Reality: Your child asks you why no kitty appeared in Jurassic Park

(Reproduction / Bored Panda)

5. Chocolate Filled Cupcake

Expectation: Gobble up a cookie filled with the purest chocolate

Reality: Out of so many packs, you choose just the most unwanted

(Reproduction / Bored Panda)

6. Bag of Onions

Expectation: Make Onion Steak on Sunday Lunch

Reality: There is no alternative but to make steak and chips

(Reproduction / Bored Panda)

7. Tweety Popsicle

Expectation: get smeared with your favorite Looney Tunes character

Reality: You open the package and come across a stoned version of the drawing.

(Reproduction / Bored Panda)

8. Musical Instrument

Expectation: Make your daughter interested, since childhood, in the chords of refined songs

Reality: She Learns How to Form Her Own Gang

(Reproduction / Bored Panda)

9. Swimming pool for all children

Expectation: Get Cousins ​​to Swim with Your Daughter in the New Pool

Reality: They need to line up to get in the toy

(Reproduction / Bored Panda)

10. Spaghetti with chilli

Expectation: Dinner a spaghetti with chilli sauce

Reality: You have a chili soup with spaghetti chips

(Reproduction / Bored Panda)

11. The chocolate bar with cranberry pieces

Expectation: Gobble it up while watching a movie on Netflix

Reality: You conclude that it would be more advantageous to have made pot brigadeiro

(Reproduction / Bored Panda)

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