12 sights photographed during intense nature phenomena

1. The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco (USA) during a Heavy Fog

golden gate

2. Snow over the Sahara Desert in Algeria, January 2018


3. Intense fires approached Hollywood sign in November 2017


4. Headquarters of the Chinese Television Center in Beijing on a day of heavy pollution in January 2017


5. The Eiffel Tower in a way you don't usually see: being struck by lightning in 2014

Eiffel Tower

6. Red Square in Moscow (Russia) during peat fire in the city region in August 2010


7. Heraklion, capital of Crete, Greece, during a sandstorm in March 2018


8. Niagara Falls on the US-Canada border, virtually frozen


9. The canals of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, frozen in March 2018


10. The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem (Israel) after heavy snowfall 2015


11. First snowfall in Rome (Italy) in 6 years changes the landscape of the Colosseum in February 2018


12. Buildings in Dubai's Financial Center Overcast by 2015 Sandstorm



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