12 student reactions back to school

Even though Carnival is coming, and with it, a few more days for you to fall into the revelry - or hug your bed and enjoy Netflix -, there are already a lot of people moaning about the start of classes. Just a quick look at Twitter, you can find many funny memes on the subject.

If you're not at all excited about having to get up early, put on your old uniform - which, let's face it, sometimes has a pretty bland color combination or the shape of a bread bag - and review your whole class, come more, you are not alone!

PS: Just don't think that when you are an adult, things will get much better ...

1. With so much cool stuff to do, you don't understand when someone says they are counting the days for classes to come back

2. A drama in your life: Begin to receive messages from classmates as early as January

3. You definitely don't want to talk about it.

4. But it seems that whenever you're enjoying your bed, someone wants to remind you that a long school year is coming.

5. If you took the time to catch up on the series, you are undoubtedly waiting for the new seasons to open. However ...

6. At least there's the fun part: buying the brand new stuff

7. Or not

My back to school stuff: pic.twitter.com/r7LTkRqVbM

- Piranha of Love (@Iuscatic) 23 January 2016

8. If you become a veteran this year, it's just joy

9. You waking up early after weeks getting up after noon

10. And when someone asks if you were not tired of staying at home?

11. You already know: Even without anyone interesting, some girls will wake up hours before arriving at school like this.

12. And just thinking about them and all the morning animation ...

back to school pic.twitter.com/PZEcBrfZtf

- Israel Faccin (@israelfaccin) 28 January 2016