13 animals whose highest quality is not photogenic

As we have already shown here, the combination of a handheld camera and a nearby animal can produce hilarious records; After all, unlike the way the natural sciences were presented to us at school, such images portray the Animal Kingdom and its particularities in a new and relaxed way. Here are some bored animals that, like us, also have their unfavorable angles:

1. There are days when Mother Nature seems to be too lazy to live

laziness to live

2. Seeing Sunlight Becomes Worst Punishment

worst of the punishments

3. Just being there makes animals look like a surrealist painting.

surrealist painting

4. And the urge to leave home, as for us, is virtually undetectable

virtually undetectable

5. Some animals have no choice but to wash their faces.

wash the face

6. Stamp a minimally convincing smile


7. And go to fight, as if nothing had happened


8. Even when the only teeth you want to show are canines

are the canines

9. Sometimes things don't go as planned

was planned

10. Letting everyone face down


11. And in need of a medical certificate

medical certificate

12. In other cases, the countenance soon denounces the need for a few hours of hibernation.

hibernation hours

13. After all, as they say, no one is iron - not even the king of savannah

king of savannah