13 beasts and monsters of the Middle Ages

Many know that the Middle Ages and the Renaissance were glorious times for art, especially for those who enjoyed painting. However, not all the paintings of antiquity show beautiful scenery and moments that were part of the religious or political culture of the time - such as the Last Supper.

There are many such works that portray deformed babies, very strange beings (human or not) and even some animals that were considered beasts in antiquity. You may not know it, but at that time, a lot of people had their Bestiaries or Beasts Book under their arm - that explains where the idea for the book “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them” came from, from the famous Harry Potter series.

However, many of these bestialized animals were not at all scary, quite the opposite: they are normal animals that are part of our daily lives - most of them you can see in a zoo (elephant, sheep, rhino, crocodile, etc.).

Then the question arises in our mind: If animals are normal to us, why were they seen as beasts to many people in the Middle Ages? Were they cursed or violent against the citizens? Was an ancient elephant or crocodile a novelty never before seen by most humans?

Well, let alone those questions, you better check these images for yourself and draw your own conclusions:

1. Looks like an inflated and clumsy oyster


2. Sheep or gym ponies?

3. Elephant with tornado in the trunk

4. Bizarre, earless elephant with a castle in the back

5. Mix capybara, elephant and anteater

6. Muscled dogs or bears?

7. Beaver with Fish Tail

8. Crocodile with the head of a cougar

9. Leopard species with chicken pox

10. Owl with human face

11. Drunken monkeys at the joke

12. King of the jungle without his hair, only his beard

13. Mutation between beetle, fish and turtle?


And do you, the reader, know other pictures of ancient beastly creatures? Be sure to share your information with us in the comments below.