13 dogs very guilty for their crimes

1. "I sat on my brother and broke him"

2. "I only chew the left foot"

3. "I ate crayons and now do colorful poop"

4. "I like to run over the big dog with my cart"

5. "I locked myself in the bathroom to eat diapers"

"And then I left"

6. "I eat socks" / "I provide socks"

7. "I eat everything"

8. "I steal socks" / "And then I eat them"

9. "I peeed on my brother's head"

"I left"

10. "I ate two Bibles last week"

11. "This is my growth chart"

12. "I ate 13 keys from my dad's notebook"

"Now I have a literate poop"

13. "My name is Biscuit. I ate a big tube of Vaseline"

"Now I have to wear diapers because Vaseline is running down my butt"


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