13 foods that seem to have been prepared with the rainbow

The food coloring seems to be going back to cooking with everything. And it's not just one color or another that is thriving: rainbow-like foods are becoming popular! And the most curious is how each color can influence our taste buds.

In the United States, for example, the color green suggests acidity - unlike India, where it is associated with sweet taste. Our brains are very suggestible, and these multicolored foods can create an expectation that doesn't always come true. That's because dyes aren't always flavored with some specific flavor - they just want to color the food.

One study, published in 2014, brought another curious piece about colorful foods: they bore less, making people eat them more. Perhaps this is why most traditional foods, such as breads and cakes, are being made just like the rainbow. This fashion, however, must be transient. Check out some examples:

1. How about these coffees?

It even hurts to take them

2. They would look great with this sandwich

But what goes into the filling?

3. And for dessert, these cookies

They look tasty

4. You can exchange a chicken pizza with catupiry

For one with "rainbow" taste, for example

5. What about these donuts that look made of play dough?

They look delicious!

6. There are people preparing meat in this way!

That already seems overkill, agree?

7. How about these hamburgers?

They would succeed in a LGBT Parade

8. Colors seem to match candy better

Like in this cake

9. Or in these jellies

Hmmmm .....

10. You can make colorful pasta

Slimy, but tasty .... will it?

11. Less strange are these ice cubes

They are made of different juices.

12. Just let creativity flow

And create a very colorful cheesecake

13. This combination looks pretty caloric

Traditional unicorn breakfast

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