13 icons that people hope are the new Disney princesses

This Thursday (14), Disney announced the purchase of Fox, for the trifle of $ 52.4 billion! This was something The Simpsons had predicted for almost 20 years, but it finally came true.

The crowd wasted no time and has already rushed to the Internet to claim that Disney recognizes some classic characters from FOX movies and series as its new official princesses. While this does not happen - if it ever will - we may wonder about the scenario.

1. Anastasia

So, if @Disney buys @ 20thcenturyfox does that mean I get to see #Anastasia in the parks? ???????? Does that mean I get new MERCH ANASTASY? Does that mean she gets to be a Disney princess? ???????? @AnastasiaBway pic.twitter.com/XJz5UKHgdF

- Cristina Illingworth ???? (@ cristydt89) December 14, 2017

2. Lisa Simpson

Nothing but respect for MY new Disney Princess. pic.twitter.com/lQ8fvQm22i

- Grain (@WisdomToothDog) December 14, 2017

3. Amy Wong

Amy Wong is my new favorite Disney princess. pic.twitter.com/Xh96YpUk2S

- Jason M. Universe (@Universal_Sato) December 14, 2017

4. Leela

Our new favorite #Disney Princess !! #Framma #Leela @KateySagal pic.twitter.com/9e8LPXEnpm

- AnthrLousyMillennium (@ALMPod) December 14, 2017

5. Ellen Ripley

So now that #Disney got 21st century Fox, she might be the new Disney Princess we were looking for: #DisneyFox via @Frederiko @Guinhomes pic.twitter.com/LyY6v7GULL

- Israel Andalón (@iandalon) December 14, 2017

6. Tina Belcher

Tina is officially a Disney princess now. pic.twitter.com/hv6I2YXG1u

- Laura Wishart (@WishartLaura) December 14, 2017

7. Dr. Frank'n'Furter

New disney princess
Princess Dr. Frank N Furter # FOXDISNEY pic.twitter.com/VvTH55Fi0b

- Aaron Prescott (@ACoolHandFluke) December 14, 2017

8. Deadpool

Everyone's going on about all the new #Fox #Disney Princesses, but the one I'm most excited about visiting #SofiaTheFirst is Princess #Deadpool. pic.twitter.com/pG9NXpz8IF

- Craig Gerber (@_CraigGerber) December 14, 2017

9. Dana Scully

Good morning to our new Disney Princess. pic.twitter.com/f5wFEmDlOZ

- Julie Benson (@TheJulieBenson) December 14, 2017

10. Homer Simpson

New Princess Disney pic.twitter.com/RFUzPpyJdc

- Nerkin / Jesus Fields (@ Nerkin1985) December 14, 2017

11. Chanel Oberlin

Disney buying Fox means Chanel Oberlin is officially a Disney Princess pic.twitter.com/bkxDtlGlZo

- ?? T ?? DD ?? (@ToddRimell) December 14, 2017

12. Alien

All hail our new #Disney princess: pic.twitter.com/wD24ik5aZa

- Nerdist (@nerdist) December 14, 2017

13. Meg Griffin

Meg Griffin is now a Disney Princess pic.twitter.com/slHIV8Ry8p

- Anthony De Rosa ?? (@Anthony) December 14, 2017