13 Elevators Bringing Ingenious Ideas

There is no doubt that the lift is one of the most widely used means of transport around the world and that there are not many secrets to use it. But every now and then, some designer or marketer comes up with an interesting idea that makes these devices acquire new functions and meanings. Here's a selection of elevators that do much more than transport people from floor to floor:

1. The buttons on this elevator are operated with the feet

2. The elevator whose button is part of an advertising piece

3. This equipment shows the capacity it supports

4. Already this one has gained an incredible customization inside

5. To reduce the waiting time, they placed the buttons of this elevator 9 meters away

6. This Ukrainian hotel changes the carpets of its elevators every single day.

7. In this other equipment, the lighting is simply mesmerizing

8. The modern elevator installed at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany

9. Looks like a living room, but it's just a lift that excels in passenger comfort

10. This elevator shows the weather outside the building

11. Doors that have been transformed into a kind of billboard

12. This product's floor has a slightly creepy sticker.

13. The decoration of this other makes anyone think they are at the North Pole


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