13 intriguing photos for which it is impossible not to look twice

1. In addition to eternalizing moments of our lives in images, photography accumulates the function of confusing our brain.

2. Depending on your point of view, it may make us think that the world is upside down

3. Lead us to believe that there is a body silhouette in the middle of the desert

4. Have us see two piles of wood when there is actually only one

5. Double the number of gazelles that appear in our field of view.

6. Or dissolve major engineering works in the blink of an eye

7. In some cases our retinas seem to be contemplating surreal scenes.

8. In others, we are bombarded by too much information.

9. It may happen that Mother Nature lends a hand to this whole mess

10. Just as some laws of physics may contribute to our disorientation.

11. Yeah ... Photography is really unbeatable when it comes to shuffling our brains.

12. While you can be creative

13. It may also require more than one look to understand.