13 unusual maps you won't see in school either [gallery]

After checking out this series of biology, chemistry, physics and more GIFs, it's time to look at a little bit of geography. Surely you can recognize Brazilian states and can locate important cities around the planet, but is that enough to know how the world works?

To do this, we have selected a series of informative maps shared by the Bored Panda website. What's cool is that, in addition to revealing curious and interesting facts that we didn't learn at school, each of them allows us to draw new conclusions and see the world from a different perspective.

So dive into “new worlds” and find out which are the most popular sports in the world, the most common last names in Europe, the different beer names and more!

1) The most popular sports in the world

Bored Panda

2) The size of breasts around the world

3) The political division of Pangeia (200-300 million years ago)

4) The most used browsers in the world (2012)

5) Penis size around the world

6) The most common surnames in Europe

7) National IQ average of different countries

8) Beer names in different European languages

9) Freedom of the press around the world

10) The inversion of territories and oceans

11) The evolution of social networks (in 2009 and 2012)

12) Countries and their proportions according to population

Each square is equivalent to one million people.

13) Lightning intensity around the world