13 curious objects that have already been discovered in grandparents' houses

If you have had the privilege of living with your grandparents, it is very likely that you have come across more than one curious thing during your home stays. I can't speak for you, but my grandparents' house - especially the back of the wardrobe and the attic - was a real surprise box!

To give you an idea, I once found my abuela's black (yes, black, as it was fashionable at the time she was married) wedding dress, and my father found a sword of God knows when! Anyway, a lot of people have discovered unusual objects forgotten somewhere in their grandparents' house, and Clayton Aldrich of Boredom Therapy has put together a selection of curious - and slightly weird - examples that you can check out below:

1 - This strange animal gathering


(Boredom Therapy)

2 - This mask that, despite its macabre appearance, was carved from the shell of a coconut

Sinister mask

(Boredom Therapy / imgur / Pintonite)

3 - This table to play solitaire

Unusual table

(Boredom Therapy / Reddit / XxX420-BLAZE-ITXxX)

4 - This bottle - which could very well contain poison!


(Boredom Therapy / Reddit / ashplowe)

5 - An unexploded bomb from World War II - look at the danger ...

World War II bomb

(Boredom Therapy)

6 - This all ornate sword


(Boredom Therapy)

7 - And it's here too!

Spanish sword

(Boredom Therapy / imgur / Stumerdonger)

Which apparently is Spanish. See in detail:

Sword detail

(Boredom Therapy / imgur / Stumerdonger)

8 - A very cool oscilloscope


(Boredom Therapy / imgur / bananas2bananas)

9 - This stylish gadget to see photos


(Boredom Therapy / imgur / Aphonograph)

It worked like this:


(Boredom Therapy / imgur / Aphonograph)

10 - This knife full of surprises


(Boredom Therapy)

11 - This perfume bottle

Perfume bottle

(Boredom Therapy)

12 - This copper pipe

Copper pipe

(Boredom Therapy)

13 - A 1911 set of bowls that glow with a greenish tint and are made with uranium!

Uranium bowls

(Boredom Therapy / Reddit / Queggy)


And have you, dear reader, ever found anything very strange in your grandparents' house? Tell us there in the comments!