13 people who had only one thing to do but failed miserably

There are days when work doesn't pay. Time drags on, creativity doesn't come, but even so, something needs to be delivered. These days, the chance of something going completely wrong, even if it is easy to do, is quite high. Check out the examples below and don't feel alone in the world if you are going through this extremely damaging moment:

1. How about wires for your wireless headset?


2. Hell, Milbona, what does it cost to do things right?


3. The intern got an ear tug after this one, and still had to hear a lot on Twitter


4. Overpaying for a gift package can be frustrating


5. Either the diagrammer didn't think straight or was jealous of the beauty of the Timothée ...


6. The deliveryman should have installed the TV, but just dropped it on the porch without even pressing the bell


7. Fits on one side, the other has to work too, right?


8. Willingness to Spank Dumbbells on Who Did It


9. Is it a new technique of installing the floor?


10. Slightly misaligned


11. Maybe Not the Best Place to Install the Bus Stop


12. We do not recommend drinking before painting the floor.


13. A Braille sign behind a glass wall. Okay, just not ...



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