13 times when reality made no sense

1. There are days when the only goal in the world is to make your brain bugar

2. Insanity seems to be in control of everything

3. Nature makes a point of proving that nothing is impossible

4. That urge to eat candy ends up giving stomach wraps

5. And even the lovely Ze Gotinha gets scary contours

6. It is wrong to think that it is impossible to get worse

7. After years of research, humans launch new substitutes for chewing gum.

8. Show that they can also be supportive of other beings.

9. Prove that they know how to lead their lives without drawing too much attention

10. And, in breaking, make the clueless become the attribute of the most original

11. It is ... It may not always be that reality is what we imagine

12. She can be somewhat nauseating

13. And make coincidences reach surreal levels


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