14 Weird Habits of Famous People

We all have our particularities, and this includes some strange habits and curious crazes. When we think of the routine of famous people, we sometimes forget that they, like everyone else, also have their peculiarities. Cracked has put together a number of typical habits that are or have been part of the lives of successful people. Check out:

1 - Did you know that the genius Quentin Tarantino does not have much intimacy with computer keyboards? By typing with just one finger, the person responsible for works like "Pulp Fiction", "Kill Bill" and "Django Livre" is already used to writing his scripts by hand.

2 - It should be interesting to be friends with Salvador Dalí. The guy carried a cigarette holder in which he kept mustaches that he politely offered to his friends.

3 - William Harvey was the English scientist who discovered the functions of the heart and was able to explain how our blood circulation works. What few people know is that this guy liked to stay in the dark to concentrate, so he built underground caves where he meditated during the summer. Who never?

4 - Scottish playwright Anthony Neilson has some advice for those seeking inspiration and creativity: have a life; be collaborative; ignore the noise around you; listen to music; and of course masturbate frequently.

Speaking of creativity, the German poet Friedrich Schiller, a close friend of Goethe, could only write if his office was stinking. The guy was inspired do you know what it smells like? With that of rotten apple and so always had rotten fruits on his table. What a beauty!

6 - What about UFC champion Lyoto Machida, who drinks her own urine every morning?

7 - General Stonewall Jackson had some curious beliefs. He thought, for example, that he should eat only the foods he considered bad - in his mind, they were better for health. Plus, the guy always walked with one arm up, as he was sure one side of his body was heavier than the other - walking with one arm up would keep him balanced, and of course direct blood from your arm to your other organs.

8. In 1965, physicist Richard Feynman won the Nobel Prize thanks to his pioneering work involving quantum electrodynamics. Do you know where he started developing his research? In a strip club.

9 - And do you like the idea of ​​taking notes or writing a journal about your own life? So maybe the story of thinker Richard Buckminster Fuller inspires you: the guy spent sixty-six years writing about his life experiences. All notes, when stacked, reach almost 430 meters in height.

10 - And have you taken your air bath today? Not? For be aware that this was a common practice in Benjamin Franklin's life, that he sat every morning in front of an open window, completely undressed, for a fresh drink. For him, this was a sensible way to take care of his own health.

11 - The painter Francis Bacon said that his mind only worked well for his creations when he was hung over and therefore often drank excessively. Long live the art!

12. Journalist and writer Truman Capote had some bizarre superstitions, and even though he had the notion that most of his beliefs made no sense, he lived by the absurd rules he created himself. So Capote never worked on the thirteenth of every month, never left three cigarette butts in the ashtray, and always jumped after his thirteenth step. Not long ago? Among the things that almost made him almost out of his mind was seeing a hat left on the bed.

13 - Japanese inventor Dr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu has patented over 3, 300 products. According to Nakamatsu himself, his secret is to do long dives. He believes that too much oxygen is bad for the brain, so he has the insane habit of depriving himself of breath long enough to die - that is where his brain reaches its maximum reasoning capacity. Whether it's true or not, we'll never know. What matters is that this guy is the inventor of things like CDs, DVDs, fax machines, kayaks and the famous invisible bras .

14 - Steve Jobs was vegan and occasionally adopted a fruit-based diet only. His food restriction was so great that sometimes he only ate one or two foods for weeks - he spent days eating only apples and carrots, for example. Jobs believed that his diet was a great way to prevent bad odors, so he didn't use deodorant or shower too often.


After all this weird stuff, you can set aside the shame and share with us your most curious quirks. Comments space is waiting.