14 times movies have shown science how it is

1. The Andromeda Puzzle

The 1971 film, based on Michael Crichton's book, talks about an artificial satellite that crashes in New Mexico, carrying a microorganism that contaminates the entire population of the region, killing almost all inhabitants. The film uses scientific language correctly, especially when addressing biology, immunology and virology.

2. Finding Nemo

For the production of the 2003 classic “Finding Nemo, ” animators spent a great deal of time analyzing marine nature to recreate the life of fish and aquatic plants.

3. Deep Impact

In this 1998 work, production was very accurate with asteroid detection technology and the way interception is made.

4. Interstellar

The feature film “Interstellar”, 2014, talked about many scientific subjects, and one of them was correct: if you get close to a black hole, time will pass differently than people on Earth. All because of gravity and the spacetime difference.

5. Eternal Brightness of a Mind Without Memory

This movie deals with segmented memory loss, which in this case would be a deliberate forgetfulness. Although we don't have the technology to make it happen, the theory, which involves cutting off connections in our brains that make up certain memories, is correct.

6. Minority Report - The New Law

In 2002's “Minority Report”, some of the things shown, such as iris scanning and automatic cars, are already part of our reality.

7. Lost on Mars

The feature film "Lost on Mars" in 2015 was also praised for the way it portrayed the "Red Planet."

8. Gattaca - Genetic Experience

The science behind the genetic changes shown in 1997's "Gattaca Genetic Experiment" will come true in no time. In fact, some researchers are already able to make changes in living mouse tissues through gene manipulation.

9. She

The main premise in the 2013 movie “Ela” is that artificial intelligence will be so human and loving that it would be possible for someone to fall in love with a machine. According to some scientists, in the near future, this will really happen.

10. Lunar

The 2009 "Lunar" movie is not so well known, but its story is totally plausible: a man lives on a lunar base with the function of extracting helium-3 for energy production, which is a possibility for the future.

11. Star Trek

If sound doesn't travel in space, there's no reason to hear it, right? And 2009's "Star Trek" managed to "cut out" the screams as the ship is breached and a crewmember (red shirt) falls into the "abyss."

12. Dante's Hell

Despite some misconceptions, 1997's Dante's Inferno was very accurate in showing the eruption of a volcano.

13. In the Eye of the Tornado

The main plot line of the 2014 movie “In the Eye of the Tornado” is a storm that spawns multiple tornadoes. The scary reality behind this is that really some thunderstorms can create multiple vortices. The largest hurricane ever recorded occurred in May 2013 in Oklahoma, United States, and was a “multiple vortex”.

14. Sharknado

Strange as it sounds, 2013's “Sharknado” has something real. Of course, we are not talking about sharks falling from the sky or a cyclone eating people. But the phenomenon called “fish rain, ” in which a tornado or storm catches sea animals and throws them on land, has already happened in the United States in 1947! Incredibly, many of the animals were found alive in swimming pools in some homes.