15 famous actors who almost became heroes in the Marvel Universe

The choice of actors and actresses to play Marvel heroes and villains on the big screen often gets a 10th grade from fans. Even a few obvious choices, such as calling Robert Downey Jr. to bring Iron Man to life, turn out to be a tremendous success. But until the producer hits the hammer with the final cast, many performers are evaluated and discarded for a variety of reasons.

We did some research and selected 15 famous actors who, for a little while, were not cast as stars of successful Marvel productions:

1. Tom Cruise as Iron Man

Long before we met Iron Man with the face of Robert Downey Jr., heartthrob Tom Cruise was even quoted for playing the hero in 1998, when he was already discussing this production. In 2004, producer Kevin Feige even mentioned Cruise for the role; but by then the actor had already lost interest in playing the heir to Stark Industries. Besides him, names like Clive Owen and Sam Rockwell were considered.

2. David Duchovny as Hulk

Could you imagine the actor made famous as Fox Mulder from the X - Files, leading Hulk's double life? For David Duchovny was even quoted for playing Dr. Bruce Banner in the movies, before the hero was masked by Mark Ruffalo and Edward Norton.

3. Jason Momoa as Drax the Destroyer

Prior to playing Aquaman in Justice League, Jason Momoa was even considered for the role of Drax, The Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy . According to the actor himself, he did not accept the role because he did not want his muscular and "big" bearing to guarantee a job in which he would not have many dialogues and therefore could not display his acting talents. Momoa even said that he would like to play happier characters so that his children would not get the image that his father was a scary guy.

4. Wing Butterfield as Spiderman

The young actor who had impressed the movie market in films such as The Striped Pajama Boy, Ender's Game and The Invention of Hugo Cabret was one of the few to consider living Peter Parker in the new Spider-Man franchise. That's because the studios were looking for a good actor who was young enough to grow up with the character throughout the films, but Tom Holland really did.

5. Jensen Ackles as Archer Hawk

The Supernatural star participated in a selection for the actor who would play Captain America, in fact. Although Marvel did not think Jensen Ackles would be a good Steve Rogers, his test was so cool that the producer called him back to the selection of Gavião Arqueiro. However, the actor declined the offer alleging scheduling conflicts between the production and the series in which he plays Dean Winchester. Still, some believe that Ackles did not really want a secondary role, when in fact he would have even been interested in playing the protagonist.

6. Mads Mikkelsen as Malekith the Damned

The actor who lived Hannibal in the most recent series could have played Malekith, The Damned in Thor: The Dark World . And it was precisely because of Hannibal's filming that Mikkelsen eventually declined the invitation, but agreed to work with Marvel shortly thereafter, playing Kaecilius as Doctor Stranger . In the end, it turned out to be all right for both sides.

7. Josh Hartnett as Loki

For a little while, the Thor franchise Loki was not played by Josh Hartnett, who in 2011 was a more famous name than Tom Hiddleston. Many fans supported the choice at the time, and Hartnett even met with director Kenneth Branagh to talk about the production. But Hiddleston eventually won the role, making Loki look even bigger than originally anticipated thanks to his outstanding acting.

8. Emily Blunt as the Black Widow

In 2010, when Marvel was in the process of selecting actors for Iron Man 2, Emily Blunt could have gained a lot playing Black Widow, as those who participate in Marvel films end up having huge visibility in the entertainment industry. However, the actress denied the offer because, at the same time, was already involved with the filming of Gulliver's Travels . The actress was even quoted to live Peggy Carter, but ended up not accepting, once again for conflicts in her agenda.

9. Lewis Tan as Iron Fist

Although Danny Rand is white in the comics, Asian descendant Lewis Tan was even quoted to live the Iron Fist on the Netflix series. However, the actor was best accepted as a tentacle defender in production, and the lead role came with Finn Jones.

10. Joaquin Phoenix as a Strange Doctor

Acclaimed actor Joaquin Phoenix was negotiating to live Stephen Strange in theaters, but eventually dropped out at some point because there was a need for the actor to remain living the character in future productions. The star chose not to commit for so long to a single character, being free to accept other proposals. So the paper ended up going to Benedict Cumberbatch.

11. Glenn Howerton as Star Lord

In fact, Glenn Howerton was highly rated for the role of Peter Quill, but "prankster" Chris Pratt turned out to be a far more charismatic Star Lord than Howerton's self-righteous stereotype. Do you agree?

12. Olivia Wilde as Gamora

The actress, who had previously proved worthy of unrealistic productions with her appearance on Tron: The Legacy and Cowboys & Aliens, was one of Marvel's favorites to play Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy . However, Wilde eventually denied the offer because he thought the character was too "tough" for his profile.

13. Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the Ant Man

Acclaimed in Hollywood, Joseph Gordon-Levitt was once considered to play heroes such as Batman, Peter Quill and Doctor Strange, but it was like Ant Man that he almost entered the Marvel Universe. Despite being an extremely versatile actor, capable of living just about any character, director Edgar Wright ended up preferring someone with a more comedy profile, and the final choice turned out to be Paul Rudd.

14. John Krasinski as Captain America

Marvel saw great potential in John Krasinski's "shaky vein, " thanks to his role as Jim Halpert in The Office . Therefore, the actor was a name quite quoted to live the Captain America. But the actor gave up the role at 45 seconds, although he has publicly stated that he would love to have some other Marvel character on the big screen in the future.

15. Tom Hiddleston as Thor

That's what you read: the actor who was marked as the villain Loki almost won the role of his stepbrother, Thor. Marvel was very fond of his first tests to participate in the production, even though we can't imagine him living the muscular hero with a heartburn. The actor took the tests so seriously that he even dyed his hair blonde, but in the end, he understood that he simply was not "Thor", who ended up being played by Chris Hemsworth.

This text was written by Patricia Gnipper via N-Experts.

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* Posted on 6/22/2016