15 fascinating curiosities involving languages ​​and languages

1 - A survey conducted by One World Nations has revealed that there are currently more than 7, 000 languages ​​and dialects in use worldwide.

2 - A bilingual person may present dyslexia in one of the languages ​​they speak and not in the other.

3 - It is estimated that in London, England, which is among the most culturally diverse cities in the world, more than 300 languages ​​are spoken.

4 - Already in Europe, linguists estimate that there are around 225 native languages ​​and dialects still in use on the continent.

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5 - Still about the Europeans, a survey pointed out that 44% of the population speak only their native language.

6 - Did you know that Swedish was only considered as the official language of Sweden in 2009?

7 - One of the last languages ​​to become extinct in the world was Nuchatlaht, used in British Columbia. In Canada. The last "speaker" of this dialect was a man named Alban Michael - and he passed away in 2016.

8 - Still on extinct languages, one of them, Ubykh - which was spoken in the Caucasus region until the early 1990s - holds the language record with the largest number of consonants in the world: 83 for only 2 vowels!

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9 - Esperanto is the only language that has no irregular verbs. By the way, in Portuguese, the list is 291 verbs, while in Spanish and German, the number is around 700. However, this is nothing close to French, which adds 2, 238 irregular verbs.

Returning to Esperanto, it consists of an international language developed in the 19th century to have a perfectly regular grammar. It is estimated that about 2 million people speak this language in the world.

11 - Did you know that in Thailand there is a specific vocabulary that is used exclusively when someone goes to talk to the King?

12. The ATM that exists at the Vatican allows users to select Latin for their bank transactions.

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13 Although Hebrew "died" between the 3rd and 5th century or so, the language was rescued during the 19th century in Germany, and today approximately 9 million people speak the language.

14 - Again on the subject of extinct languages ​​- or endangered - a few years ago, Ayapaneco, spoken only by Manuel Segovia and Isidro Velazquez, two inhabitants of the Ayapa village in Mexico, became news because the pair, who did not if he had spoken for decades, he made up his mind not to let his tongue die.

15 - And to finish the list of curiosities, did you know that in Thai, “hahaha” means “555”?


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