15 photos that will arouse in you an immense desire to explore the world

You have to agree that National Geographic is an authority when it comes to amazing photos, stories that tell us, move and inspire us. For Sarah Polger of the publication shared a collection of portraits that invite us to travel some of the most colorful corners of the world.

And as you can see below, more than just showing interesting or unusual places, the photos reveal a little of the culture and daily life of the people who live in the depicted places. By the way, if you enjoy traveling, get ready to be flooded with a huge desire to throw your backpack on your back and go out into the world!

1 - Bo-Kaap, Cape Town

Cape Town

(National Geographic / Scenic Suitcase)

2 - Late Afternoon in Lofoten, Norway

Lofoten, in Norway

(National Geographic / Octavian Filoti)

3 - Playing basketball in Havana, Cuba

Basketball in Havana

(National Geographic / Jeremy Lasky)

4 - Ruby-colored crowd at Shri Nath Mhaskoba Temple in India

Crowd in Indian Temple

(National Geographic / Mahesh Lonkar)

5 - Bridge over the Ping River in Chiang Mai, China

Chinese river bridge

(National Geographic / T. Sweetman)

6 - Rice paddies in Bali

Rice paddies in Bali

(National Geographic / Pimpin Nagawan)

7 - Migration across the Mara River, situated between Kenya and Tanzania

Animal Migration

(National Geographic / Gurdyal Singh)

8 - Reflections in the Norwegian Fjords

Norwegian Fjords

(National Geographic / Han Qi Chen)

9 - On the way to the Kibune Temple in Kyoto, Japan

Temple in Quito

(National Geographic / Lucas Shu)

10 - Adonis River, Lebanon

River in lebanon

(National Geographic / Alexandre Mounayer)

11 - Child playing in fishing village in Bangladesh

Fishing village

(National Geographic / Yousuf Tushar)

12 - Autumnal colors reflected in lake in Japan

Reflections in Lake in Japan

(National Geographic / ?? ??)

13 - Awaiting an invasion? (Not informed location)

Men in a walls

(National Geographic / Tihomir Trichkov)

14 - Maples in Tokyo's Shinjuku District

Autumnal trees

(National Geographic / Danilo Dungo)

15 - Surreal Landscape

Surreal landscape

(National Geographic / Yoshihiro Abiko)

* Featured in the beginning of the story, a photo of balloons flying over Myanmar captured by Witold Ziome.


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