15 simple ways to control your body when it crashes

1 - One way to reduce the intensity of headaches - and perhaps even get over them - is to just put your hands in a bowl of ice and water and move your fingers a little.

2 - If you have a stuffy nose, put an onion in your room, near the bed, and let it stay there until the next day.

3 - A simple way to prevent the pimples from appearing is, after finishing your bath, take a quick cold shower. The explanation for this is that the cold water closes the pores of the skin, which blocks the entry of bacteria.

To relieve toothache on the way to the dentist, rub an ice cube using your thumb and forefinger - this makes the pain up to 50% weaker.

5 - Some people have a headache when eating ice cream in a hurry. If it happens to you, press your tongue against the roof of your mouth.

6 - If you want to stop a sneeze, press your tongue against the back of your front teeth.

7 - If you are falling asleep, take a deep breath and hold the air in your lungs as much as you can before releasing it.

8 - If your throat is itching, scratch your ear.

9 - If you are about to choke, press the thumb of each hand with the help of the other four fingers, leaving the hands closed.

10 - Antiperspirant relieves mosquito bite itch.

11 - When you have insomnia, blink rapidly for one minute.

When you need to hear specific sounds, know that your right ear is really good when it comes to speech and speech. The left ear is better with similar music and sounds.

13 - Are you studying? One tip for remembering content the next day is to review it shortly before going to bed.

14 - Did you drink too much and go to bed still with that basic dizziness? Put one foot on the floor - this causes your brain to recalculate its position in bed.

15 - Had a fit of laughter at an inappropriate time? Pinch yourself.

* Posted on 2/17/2017