15 places that were even more beautiful after graffiti

If there is a surefire way to turn decayed places into lively spaces, it's through street art - especially graffiti. Although the work of these artists has not been properly recognized, their presence has become increasingly constant in the cities of Brazil and the world. Proof of this is the recent opening of a museum in Paris dedicated exclusively to street art, the Art 42 - Urban Art Museum.

And to showcase the incredible effects of spraying on the cityscape, we have separated some masterpieces from graffiti artists around the world. Take a look:

1. Campobasso, in Italy

(Author: Peeta EAD RWK)

2. Los Angeles, United States

(Author: Astro)

3. Montreal, Canada

(Author: Seth Globepainter)

4. Sao Paulo (SP)

(Author: Paulo Terra and Staff)

5. Grenoble, in France


6. Marseille, in France

(Author: Felice Varini)

7. Lisbon, in Portugal

(Author: Andrea Tarli)

8. Los Angeles, United States

(Author: Astro)

9. Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

(Author: Eduardo Kobra)

10. Rome, Italy

(Author: Seth Globepainter)

11. Lucerne, Switzerland


12. Curitiba (PR)

(Author: Rimon GuimarĂ£es)

13. California, United States

(Author: John Pug)

14. Ecatepec de Morelos, Mexico

(Author: John Pug)

15. Kelburn, Scotland

(Author: The Twins)