15 unlucky people who were victims of minor everyday misadventures

Everyone goes through those times when luck seems to abandon us and everything goes wrong, right? However, there are poor devils out there who make even the unluckiest feel lucky - and they should have their portraits hung in the "Kings of Urucubaca" hall of fame! We here at Mega Curioso have put together a lot of situations that show adversity experienced by these people and you can have fun with them below:

1 - When an unlucky man decides to use the computer as a candlestick

2 - Who was the most unlucky: the guy who will have to change the glass or the poor guy from the turkey who broke into this house?

3 - An unexpected visit to start the day!

4 - This is a guy's hospital bill after being treated for a snake bite. The total? Only $ 153, 161.25 - or the equivalent of more than $ 575, 000!

5 - It was supposed to be just a fun and peaceful zoo tour, but the giraffe was in a bad mood.

6 - This person must have made a lot of this group of birds

7 - According to the computer owner, the update was going on for 4 hours - and he had to present his master's thesis, saved only in the notebook, obviously in 7 minutes

8 - See what happens when someone has a huge allergic reaction to hair dye

9 - Do you know when they tell you not to forget the sunscreen?

10 - Tenants called to notify you that the discharge had a minor problem.

11 - Is bad luck contagious?

12 - The girl bothered to hold the wrong prop. Or not?

13 - The pussy decided to take a bite on the monitor and ...

14 - This guy has traveled to Mount Rushmore - the one with the sculpted faces of US Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln - but ... has it been unlucky?

15 - And look at the message this guy found in his car:

Translation (free): “ I hit your car, but I'm pretending to be writing my contact details because people are watching me. I hope you can fix it. Good luck. ”“ Signed: Most Sacred Offender on the Planet ”. Well, the ticket is not signed, but we here at Mega decided to include this part. After all, right?