15 times designer creativity exceeded all expectations

If there is a place that overflows with creativity, it is undoubtedly the designers' fertile mind. With plenty of intelligence, they develop simple yet extremely functional solutions to the problems of a legion of consumers around the world. The following is a selection of amazing inventions:

1. The wall that is also a bank

2. Foldimate: the washing and ironing machine

3. This device for those who are too lazy to put socks on their feet

4. The incredibly realistic mosaic that mimics an aquarium

5. The creative way of this hotel to indicate the numbers of its four

6. The accessible bathroom sink for adults and children in this London museum

7. The shadow that helps read the name of this restaurant

8. The Czech restaurant that found a different way to display its menu

9. These Fruit Cake Packaging Found In A China Market

10. This "Appetizing" Chocolate Cookbook

11. The toothbrush logo of this dental clinic

12. The wheelchair accessible carousel in Hong Kong

13. Bathroom Signs that Designate the Audience Using a Pair of Chromosomes

14. This minimalist wristwatch

15. The logo of this animal transport company with 5 different animals


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