18 gay celebrities you had no idea

The illustrious phrase “I am gay! I think you can do whatever you want if you can survive, ”said Ezra Miller, echoed in the four corners of the planet, but there are millions of people who still keep an archaic thought in their bowls and have no respect for those who have a different sexual taste than was supposedly standardized during the ages in society.

So many artists and icons - whether in movies, theater, television or radio - have come out of the closet for the past two decades, revealing their sexual preferences and surprising many fans around the globe who had no idea that such an actor or actress is homosexual, bisexual, among other variations. Two good examples of this (more or less recent) are singer Ricky Martin and Brazilian singer Daniela Mercury.

It's worth noting that freedom of sexual choice is every citizen's right, as is independent love - without labels labeled by most of society - and that's why we made this selection of some gay celebrities, but you didn't even suspect it. - Among the personalities are even some "macho" men from Hollywood. Check out:

1. Marco Nanini

Gay, actor, the eternal “popozão” of the television show The Great Family.

2. Michael Stipe

Gay, singer of the band REM

3. David Yost

Gay, eternalized as the blue Power Ranger for years.

4. Rob Halford

Gay, lead singer of the legendary band Judas Priest.

5. Sir Ian McKellen

Gay, actor, had great success as Magnet ”in the feature film X-Men and made a lot of money by embodying the illustrious wizard Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

6. Jim Parsons

Gay actor famous for his character Sheldon Cooper in the series The Big Bang Theory.

7. Jane Lynch

Lesbian, actress, recognized for her role in Glee and for being the illustrious psychoanalyst of Charlie Harper on the American series "Two and a half men."

8. Jodie Foster

Lesbian, world-renowned and award-winning actress.

9. José de Abreu

Bisexual, actor, famous for making a career in the powerful Rede Globo.

10. Jason Collins

Gay, was the first NBA basketball player to take his gay side publicly on the Sports Illustrated magazine website.

11. Pedro Almodovar

Gay, distinguished Spanish filmmaker, world renowned for his films.

12. Johanna Sigurdardottir

Lesbian, Iceland's Prime Minister since 2009. She was the first gay authority to rule a country.

13. Victor Garber

Gay, actor, the eternal engineer / designer of the ship in the movie Titanic.

14. Alessandra Maestrini

Lesbian, actress, revealed the following: “I'm assuming because I'm exhausted. For me it's over. You know? And I know that my decision and gesture can and will influence many people, from public life like me and, especially, in their private life, to open their wings and take lighter flights. ”

15. Ian Thorpe

Gay, Australian professional swimmer, winner of five Olympic gold medals.

16. Grandchild

Gay singer famous for making hits in the 90's with hits like “Milla”. According to him, “Over time, you realize that it is a feeling that was born within you. When you put it out and tell someone, I think you become happier. ”

17. Angelina Jolie

Bisexual, actress, world famous for some movies and married to stud Brad Pitt.

18. Kevin Spacey

Gay, actor, famous for acting in movies like The Suspects, Se7en: The Seven Capital Crimes, Los Angeles: Forbidden City, American Beauty, Superman: The Return and the House of Cards series. If you had an image that he was the typical macho man or something similar, know that you are completely wrong.


And do you, the reader, know of other personalities who have come out of the closet in recent years? Be sure to share your information with us in the comments below.