18 Christmas decorations that didn't work very well

Ah, Christmas! Only a few days to go before one of the most festive celebrations of the year and many houses, shops and streets are super-decorated with the most diverse decorations and lights. Around the world, many people try their best to leave their properties with the Christmas atmosphere. However, from time to time, this ornate look may not work very well.

In some cases, the decorations turn out to be quite "lazy", while in others they end up looking like other things that have nothing to do with Santa's season and forbidden to children. Others are weird on purpose.

What was supposed to be beautiful and bright turns out to be the highest quality fail, which may not be very good for the decorator, but very entertaining for the viewer. Check it out below:

1 - Reindeer leisure time

2 - Santa Claus relieving himself

3 - Hanged. Christmas or Halloween?

4 - Christmas decoration of a urology clinic?

5 - Improvised Manger

6 - Rudolph's death

7 - Yeah ...

8 - Ethyl tree

9 - Nat's beautiful candles ... no, wait

10 - Festive chemical toilets

11 - The portrait of laziness

12 - Right in the Christmas mood

13 - The house could not stand the weight of Christmas

14 - It was supposed to be the elf's little arm, but ...

15 - It goes anyway

16 - In improvisation

17 - Santa Claus and his "helpers"?

18 - Clean decoration