20 films turning 20 in 2018

1. The Rescue of Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan

2. Central Brazil

central brazil

3. Armageddon


4. Who Will Stay with Mary?

who will be with mary

5. Spice World - The Spice Girls Worlds

spice world

6. Insect Life

Insect's life

7. Deep Impact

deep Impact

8. Cinderella Bahia

Bahian Cinderella

9. Truman's Show - The Show of Life

the truman show

10. Mulan


11. Message To You

message for you

12. Patch Adams - Love is Contagious

adams patch

13. Godzilla


14. The Prince of Egypt

Prince of Egypt

15. City of Angels

city ​​of Angels

16. Shakespeare In Love

passionate shakespeare

17. Blade


18. Love Beyond Life

love beyond life

19. From Magic to Seduction

from magic to seduction

20. The Iron Mask Man

iron mask man