20 images showing before and after the Syrian Civil War

1. The Civil War in Syria began in March 2011

It began after one of the young revolutionaries was arrested and tortured.

Sympathizing protesters of the Arab Spring were killed by security guards from the Bashar al-Assad government

It just took more people to the streets

3. The protesters armed themselves

And they began to try to expel Assad's troops.

4. It is estimated that almost 500, 000 Syrians have died since the fighting began.

About 3, 000 foreign civilians also lost their lives

5. Almost 8 million inhabitants are currently homeless

And more than 4.5 million refugees have tried their luck in other regions of the world.

6. According to the UN, both sides of the conflict have committed war crimes

Such as kidnapping, torture and execution

7. According to the UN, civilians have become war targets

Something that is also considered a crime

8. The Islamic State is accused of punishing civilians who do not abide by its rules.

This includes public square executions.

9. Chemical weapons held by the Syrian government were used in the fighting

Attitude that almost led to US military intervention

10. Because of this, President Bashar al-Assad has agreed to eliminate his chemical weapons, even accusing that the crimes were committed by rebels.

Still, there are reports of other chemical attacks following the alleged destruction of these weapons.

11. Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey are the countries that received most refugees from Syria

Exodus is considered one of the largest in history.

12. Among refugees and homeless, there are over 11 million people

This number is equivalent to half of the country's population.

13. From 2014, the United States began to coordinate air strikes in regions dominated by the Islamic State.

Mainly in the north and east of the country

14. The international community believes that only a peace agreement will end the conflict

However, all attempts at settlement failed

15. The crisis is so severe that humanitarian aid cannot reach the most destroyed regions.

This further magnifies the suffering of those who would like to return to live in peace.

16. The war began against the actions of a dictatorial leader

But now it has become a way of gaining the power of the country.

17. Countries like Iran and Russia and groups like Hezbollah support the government of Bashar al-Assad

Al-Qaeda has sent reinforcements to rebel forces

18. The war unfortunately does not seem to have an expiration date.

And it will further increase the suffering of a people who are already sunk to the neck in tragedy

19. Destruction is evident through these images showing the before and after conflict.

Such a beautiful country turned into a heap of rubble

20. We can only hope that peace will soon reach the region.

And may the Syrian people again feel free