2018 hasn't even started yet and we already have good news: lots of smart holidays

Who doesn't love it when a holiday falls on Friday or Monday - giving that long, always welcome weekend? And have you studied the calendar next year? Not? Well, it should! That's because, according to our little friends from the Strange World website, 2018 will be the year with the most such holidays of the century. We warned that we had good news, right?


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According to Felipe van Deursen of the Strange World, many of the holidays that take place on fixed days will fall on Fridays or Mondays throughout 2018 - and we will even have some happening on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which means that in addition to smart holidays, will roll holidays! Note in calendar:

  • January 1, Universal Brotherhood Day: Monday.
  • February 13th, Carnival: Tuesday.
  • March 30, Good Friday: Guess what ...
  • April 21, Tiradentes: Saturday ( Fuén ).
  • May 1st, Labor Day: Tuesday.
  • May 31st, Corpus Christi: Thursday.
  • September 7th, Independence Day: Friday
  • October 12, Our Lady of Aparecida Day (and of the children too!): Friday.
  • November 2, All Souls: Friday.
  • November 15, Proclamation of the Republic: Thursday.
  • December 25, Christmas: Tuesday.

With the exception of Tiradentes, did you see that calendar beauty? And not only that: for those who live in over a thousand cities who consider Black Consciousness Day - celebrated on November 20 - as a holiday in 2018, it will take place on a Tuesday, and therefore those who have lucky to mend may add one more holiday to the account. The other Brazilians do not have to lose hope, because the approval of this day as a national holiday is being processed in Congress.

Too many days off

By the way, Felipe has done for us the favor of adding every day off that the lucky guys that mend all the holidays - and still have other little days, like the four days of Carnival and Ash Wednesday - will have next year: a total of 36 (yes, dear reader, thirty-six) days. The only years that had so many beautiful holidays this way in this century were 2001 and 2007.

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And Felipe remembered one more important thing: in addition to these 36 days, in the middle of next year we have the World Cup, with the first phase games taking place on June 17, 22 and 27, at 15h, 9h and 3 pm, the first on a Sunday ( fuén, again), the second on a Friday, and the third on a Wednesday, respectively.

Man celebrating

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And you know what happens in our country when the Brazilian team enters the field at the World Cup, right? Because if Brazil goes through - which is quite likely - there will be even more cheering days for us to enjoy. Happy 2018 to all of us!

* Enjoying Felipe, on behalf of the Mega Curioso team, thank you so much for sharing this wonderful calendar with everyone!