21 absurd photos to prove you have a dirty mind!

You happen to be wandering around the internet ... Look at the pictures of your friends on social network profiles, when you come across the image like the one at the top of this page ... “Crendiospai Todo Powerful! ” - that's what you think at first.

But after the air comes back and you can look at this mischievous photography with calmer eyes, you can see that your mind worked faster than it should and your eyes were fooled (tricked!) By a kind of illusion. optics.

And for the general amusement of everyone who enjoys a good image with "ulterior motives", how about checking out 21 absurd photos that show your mind is dirty? Let's go to them:

1. What an elbow ...

2. Look at the silly hand there, guys

3. Hmmm ...

4. Oh grim little bag

5. Anthropomorphic

6. Daddy daddy?

7. Sorry for the ball out there!

8. Shameless Dog

9. The famous tripod

10. Disproportionate

11. Jeez, it smells bad here

12. Extreme Metrosexual

13. Selfie in the mirror

14. What the eyes do not see ...

15. "Hollow", man

16. The new summer fashion

17. Very heavy heavy weight

18. Siliconated

19. The bird wants to run away

20. How naughty is this?

21. Full opening

* Originally posted on 16/05/2014 .


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