22 Things You Might Not Know About McDonald's

1 - Initially, the franchise sold hot dogs, not hamburgers.

2 - The caesar salad on the menu has more calories than the hamburger.

3 - Every 14.5 hours, a brand new restaurant is opened somewhere in the world.

4 - Every day 68 million people eat the franchise snacks.

Guess who is the biggest toy distributor in the world?

6 - The golden mark is more recognized than the symbol of the cross.

In the vicinity of Buckingham Palace, there is a McDonald's franchise that belongs to Queen Elizabeth.

8 - Contrary to what it may seem, McDonald's is not the largest restaurant chain in the world - this title belongs to Subway.

9 - The brand invoices US $ 75 million per day.

10 - A basic McDonald's employee needs to work for 7 months to earn what the brand CEO earns in 1 hour.

11 - In the 70's, the franchise sold pizza.

12 - The website created for McDonald's employees instructs these people not to eat fast food.

13 - In Japan, Ronald McDonald is called Donald McDonald. The change happened because the Japanese have difficulty pronouncing the "r".

14 - Those who live in the US are never more than 185 km from a McDonald's.

To burn the calories from a Big Mac, a large Coke, and a portion of potatoes, you would have to walk for 7 hours straight.

16 - In India, a person needs to work for an average of 6 hours to buy a Big Mac.

17 - 75% of sesame seeds produced in Mexico end up in McDonald's breads.

18 In Hong Kong and Japan, some homeless people take advantage of McDonald's ever-open doors to sleep in some stores. They are called McRefugiated.

19 - Bill Gates has a branded gold card, which gives him unlimited free snacks.

20 - In France, Germany, Austria, Spain and the Netherlands, you can buy beer at McDonald's.

21 - You can still buy hot dogs at McDonald's restaurants in Japan.

22 - Disney severed ties with McDonald's in 2006 for not wanting to be associated with childhood obesity.

* Posted on 8/30/2017