23 Bizarre Items That Are For Sale In Online Stores

1 - This hairy swimsuit

After all that's exactly the look we want on that pool day.

2 - These men's lace clothes

So, boys, who would use?

3 - This jacket for those who enjoy a hug

It is nonetheless creative ...

4 - This weird bag

At least it gets harder to be stolen.

5 - This ... pants?

Because sometimes it's good to get in a little wind.

6 - How about a jacket without the shoulders?

Why are they taking pieces of clothes?

7 - This pants saves you the trouble of getting it dirty

And if it doesn't get well washed after going to the machine, it's fine.

8 - This pants that is also a short

Functional but strange.

9 - The transparent jeans

Yeah, that really exists.

10 - This extremely bizarre jumpsuit


11 - Jacket for those who like mud

And it suits the pants!

12 - Other pants / shorts

On the side it gets weirder still.

13 - And what to think about it?

Just really think, because we still haven't found what to say.

14 - One more without a little piece

Pocket for what?

15 - This blazer with a big jeans patch

It has to be very well resolved to use such a thing in public.

16 - If you liked the pants / shorts, be sure to check the pants / skirt

Have a need?

17 - Hey guys? What about?

And to think we laughed at Justin Timberlake and Britney's jeans look ...

18 - The Missing Piece in Your Closet

And the missing pieces of fabric in the piece.

19 - For those who enjoy discretion

Boldness without limits.

20 - To suggest that you have another shirt underneath

Again: why?

21 - Bizarre Shoes

They may not be for human use.

22 - Beautiful option

What is missing in the shoulders is left in the sleeves.

23 - Why have pants if she doesn't have these frills?

We still can't comment on this piece - help us.


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