28 curiosities about the lives of babies

1 - Babies have 60 more bones than adults.

2 - A newborn has the equivalent of a glass of blood in his body.

3 - From birth to the moment you start to go to the bathroom alone, a baby wears about 8, 000 diapers.

4 - When born, babies have no bacteria in their bodies.

5 - Over the first 2 years of their children's lives, parents lose the equivalent of 6 months of sleep.

6 - During the first months of life, babies see only in black and white.

7 - Women who breastfeed their children are up to 22% less likely to develop Alzheimer's disease.

Some neuroscientists believe that babies do not dream in their early years.

9 - Believe me: Until 1985, many doctors believed that babies did not feel pain and, therefore, performed surgeries without anesthesia.

10 - Babies have triple taste buds than adults.

11 - Some studies have already suggested that premature babies tend to be left-handed.

Babies are born with self-awareness, and this allows them to differentiate their bodies from the bodies of others.

13 - Women who snore during pregnancy tend to have smaller babies.

14 - If a woman suffers any damage to one of her organs during pregnancy, the baby sends stem cells to repair the damage.

15 - Between 1838 and 1960, more than half of the pictures taken were of babies.

16 - Only 4% of babies are born on the expected date of birth.

17 - In countries like Germany, Denmark and Iceland, there are rules that parents must follow when naming babies.

18 - The brains of babies use up to 50% of the glucose in their bodies, which may explain why they need to sleep so much.

19 - Only in the UK are babies allowed to be made in the laboratory from the DNA of three people.

20 - In South Korea, 60% of families seek professional support to choose a name for their children.

21 - Since the 1980s, the twin birth rate has increased by 76%.

22 - When listening to a song, babies are calm twice as long compared to when they hear someone talking.

23 - You shouldn't kiss a baby's ears - it can damage his hearing and even lead to deafness.

24 - Babies who drink breast milk poop more often than babies who drink formula.

25 - Babies only begin to recognize themselves in the mirror when they are 1 year and 6 months old.

26 - Every minute, 255 people are born somewhere in the world.

27 - Breastfeeding changes the way a woman's brain works, and she becomes more aware of her crying.

28 - Even in the womb a baby can taste the foods the mother eats, and from there on, she begins to prefer the foods she eats.

* Posted on 1/9/2017