28 situations that miss the school

1 - Every year you went with your parents to buy school supplies, because the notebooks had to have beautiful covers, and the colored pencils could not be those that break just seeing the paper.

2 - After choosing the notebooks with the most sensational covers, I found that I had to bind them

3 - That desperate moment when you came into your room hoping your friends were in the same class as you

4 - Vanusa-style National Anthem Day

5 - The intense passion for the much-desired training bag

6 - When the teacher went by saying always someone would shout: “Wait a minute! Repeat please?"

7 - Delude yourself with eraser that supposedly erased pen ink. In fact the red side faded and the blue tore

8 - The remarkable transition from pencil to pencil and pen

9 - And the frustrations that come with this transition, such as smearing the notebook with concealer or repeatedly breaking the pencil's graphite

10 - And the multicolor pen?

11 - That colleague who was responsible for saying things like: "Is it for copying?", "But is it double of two?", Or when the teacher asked if anyone had questions, raised his hand and asked: "Can I go to the bathroom? "

12 - “Friend's Day” or “Toy Day”

13 - Playtime, which was the best time, always went too fast

14 - Several jokes made up the moments of fun, such as the stop

15 - The opener, which revealed important things, for example, if you would get married, when and how many children you would have

16 - There were also the most common among boys, such as "Not Today", which had the following rule: if you see your friend, you can punch him, unless he says "not today"

17 - The “Polish Corridor”, which was pure fun and bruising

18 - When someone belched, all those who did not put their thumbs on their foreheads were slapped

19 - When you were challenged by your friends to pull the flush three times, speak three swear words, and evoke the “Bloody Mary” or “Bathroom Blonde”

20 - Rides, regardless of destination, were always a lot of fun

21 - In the bus, we sang songs, like the classic "João stole bread"

22 - When someone missed the song, we said they had a donkey ear and ET head (how cruel!)

23 - The Battles of Battles When the Teacher Left Were Epic

24 - Those People Who Spent More Time Making Glowing Glues Than Studying

25 - Did you feel like a spy when passing notes without the teacher noticing

26 - Those rubber knee pads that your mother put on or had put on so as not to tear the pants

27 Finally, the end of the year came, and colleagues signed one another's T-shirts.

28 - And after complaining all year long about having to study, halfway through the vacation I missed school

Is that you? Do you miss something else from school days? Share with us in the comments!