29 Optical Illusions That Will Make Your Brain Bugar

In an age of internet and Google image search, it's even hard to find an image without any treatment, whether it's a distortion or the addition of one or more memes. Let's face it, it can't even be so funny anymore. However, when the thing is not purposeful and yet can get your brain to bugle (even if only for a few seconds), then there may even be some fun.

Otherwise, take a look at the 29 images below. The list organized by the Viral Nova website brings together 29 examples of photographs whose (un) happy angles caused some kind of comic / bizarre optical illusion. There is the smallest football player in the world, for example. There is also an “indoor” airport (covered by a roof). Not to mention various floating entities - from a laughing woman to a boat or even an entire island.

Finally, without further ado, let's go to a beautiful series of images providentially chosen to scrape with its gray matter - just before probably getting you a few laughs.

“We Pretend We Went and Vortexed

The oldest baby in the world

"Yeah, I lick my pudding parts, so what?"

After all, who's holding the damn umbrella?

“Maybe if it floats I will get more attention than this cellphone”

Welcome - just avoid stepping on carpet ornaments!

The oldest baby in the world, the return

An “internal” airport

"Here comes the bride, all wet ..."

Centaurian Cooking Tips

“My forte is the aerial moves”

Look once ... And then look again

“Upside inside out!”

Genetic predisposition to basketball?

You get to this island ...

... only with this ship

Two-way digestive tract

110% dedication at the gym

“Do not feed the animals” should be the least of the problems there

Where does one begin and the other end?

Latest trend: three-quarter-meter socks from Harley-Davidson

This is what works out only the arms and forget the legs

“They recommended me 'Gillette for the male body'”

"Pocotó, pocotó, pocotó ..."

Riding Bicycle

Alright, it's just a pirate ship

Metaphor for modern traffic

Bird with gigantism

"See me ... You don't see me anymore!"