3 murders of children that were never solved

Every year thousands of child murders are never solved and their killers are never brought to justice. Police have spent decades trying to solve the cases, but parents die without knowing who was responsible for the murder of their children. In this list, there are three such cases.

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3. Siphamandla Madikane

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In November 2013, 10-year-old Siphamandla Madikane disappeared while playing with friends at the informal Ramaphosa settlement in Ekurhuleni, Johannesburg, South Africa. When her friends were interrogated by police, everyone reported a man watching them play. The man asked if one of the boys wanted to go with him to make a call to his girlfriend. He offered them money. Apparently Siphamandla agreed to accompany the man.

A few days later, a community member was walking through the mud when he tripped over Siphamandla's body. His pants and underwear had been pulled down, a sock was tucked in his mouth, there were stab wounds in his neck and he had been burned. Beside the body was a used condom. The murder shocked the residents and devastated the boy's parents. The investigation continues, but so far, no suspects have been arrested.

2. Rikki Neave

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Rikki Neave had a terrible life before he died at age six. When he was three years old, his mother often left him out at night and in the cold, crying, until the neighbors called social services. Residents of Peterborough, England, reported seeing Ruth Neave swinging her son on a bridge and writing "idiot" with a pen on his forehead. She washed his mouth with detergent and burned it with matches. Ruth also punched Rikki in the face, kicked him, and often sent him out for drugs at night.

But on November 28, 1994, Rikki left for school and never returned. His naked body was found the next day in the woods near his home. Ruth Neave was tried for the murder of her son two years later, but was acquitted by a jury. However, she was sentenced to seven years in prison for child negligence. Rikki Neave's murder remains unsolved.

1. Clare Morrison

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On December 18, 1992, 13-year-old Clare Morrison and her friend visited the Geelong Mall in Victoria, Australia. Clare told her friend that she would take the bus home to fetch money for Christmas shopping. She never came back. The next day, his nearly naked body was discovered near Bells Beach. She had been beaten, strangled and bitten by a shark. Shane McLaren, 18, told police he saw her getting into a blue car with two men. It took the police several months to realize that McLaren lied and arrested him for perjury. He also remains the sole suspect in the murder, but retains his innocence. Clare's brother Andrew recently offered a $ 50, 000 reward for any information leading to a prison for his murder. The investigation continues, but so far no new information has been obtained.