3 bizarre cases involving cannibalism

1. The “Chijon Family”

In 1993, a gang named “Chijon Family” terrorized South Korea. The group, made up of former detainees, was led by 26-year-old Kim Ki-hwan. They shared hatred for rich people and so decided to exterminate them.

For a year, the youths kidnapped people in luxury cars or out of expensive stores and asked for high ransoms for their families. Even after receiving the required values, the victims were never seen again.

Gang members practiced cannibalism

They tortured and killed, but that didn't seem to be enough either. Then the group ate their victims and burned what was left of their bodies in an incinerator located in the basement of the hideout.

In September 1994, a kidnapped woman escaped from her tormentors, and the group was finally captured. She revealed to authorities that she had been forced to shoot a man and forced to hold a friend's head while he was suffocated to death.

They wanted to kill every rich person they could find

In an interview, Kim Hyon-yang, a 22-year-old gang member, made a shocking statement: "I feel angry and deeply sorry for not killing all the rich people."

All members were sentenced to death and executed in November 1995.

2. Michael Woodmansee

At the age of 16, young Michael Woodmansee committed a shocking crime: he kidnapped, killed and ate a child of only 5 years. The case took place in Rhode Island, United States, in 1975.

On the day of the crime, little Jason Foreman was playing with other children on the street when he decided to return home, which was a few meters away. On his way, he eventually passed Michael's house.

Michael Woodmansee

In his statement, the killer said he wanted to stab the child because he wanted to feel what it was like to kill someone. After committing the crime, he sexually abused the body and ate the boy's flesh. He even kept the remains in a bag for four years and lacquered Jason's bones.

The disappearance of the child was still unknown until Michael was arrested in April 1982 for another crime: he got drunk and tried to strangle a 14-year-old boy. Unsuccessfully, the boy ran away and told his family about the incident.

Little Jason Foreman

The case was brought to the police, who distrusted Michael's involvement with Jason's disappearance. During the interrogation, the young man ended up confessing the crime in detail. In his room, the police found the child's skull and several bones - all extremely clean.

After serving 28 years of a 40-year sentence, Michael left prison on September 11, 2011.

3. Albert Fish

On May 27, 1928, an ad published in the New York World Telegram would forever change the life of a family: “Young man, 18, seeks placement in the country. Edward Budd, 406 West 15th Street. ”

The note had been written by Delia and Albert Budd, the young man's parents seeking a job for the eldest of their five children. The family was in a difficult situation, and as soon as a man knocked on his door, he saw the opportunity for a better life.

There stood a man of short stature, a little over sixty pounds and a flawless suit. He identified himself as Frank Howard and offered a job to young Edward on his farm.

Albert fish

Impressed by his apparent wealth, it was soon agreed that the young man and a friend would go with him to the farm. The following week Frank arrived early at the family home, when the boys were still packing.

While waiting, Frank met little Grace, 10 years old. He was impressed with the beauty of the child and, having earned the trust of the family, invited the girl to a party of his nephew.

Delia resisted the idea of ​​letting her daughter out, but her husband reminded her that the child had never had a chance to go to a party with other children.

Grace budd

To the family's chagrin, the two did not return at the appointed time or the next day. Warned of the disappearance, police officers assigned no less than 50 detectives to handle the case. Even with all the effort, no clues were discovered.

Six years after the disappearance, a shocking letter arrived at the Budd's house:

“On Sunday, June 3, 1928, I called them at 406 W. 15th St. Grace sat on my lap and kissed me. I decided to eat her under the guise of taking her to a party. You said yes, she can go. I took her to an empty house in Westchester that had already been chosen. When we got there, I told her to stay outside. She picked wild flowers. I went upstairs and took off all my clothes. I knew that if I didn't do that, my clothes would be bloody.

When everything was ready, I went to the window and called her. So I hid in the closet until she was in the bedroom. When she saw me completely naked, she began to cry and tried to run toward the ground floor. I grabbed her, she kicked and scratched. I squeezed it to death, then cut it into small pieces so I could take the meat to my rooms, cook it, and eat it. It took me nine days to eat your whole body. ”

In March 1934, after being captured, the man, who was actually named Albert Fish, was sentenced to death in the electric chair.

Albert Fish died on January 16, 1936